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Do not go to this ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATES. I went to this office and Doctor Zohair Shedzad Alam who I have used before said he can't do the surgery as good as Doctor Bleckner, so he referred me to see Bleckner,. and had an MRI and scheduled surgery a couple weeks earlier to have it today October 23, 2014. I had to go to Holy Cross Hospital a couple weeks earlier to register and answer questions & sign some forms. Because of problems I had with another department at Holy Cross Hospital which they never resolved, I wrote on the back of the form that I did not trust this hospital because they lie and do not follow your insurance guidelines, which makes you responsible to pay out of network claims. Before I had surgery, I made a lot of arrangements knowing I would not be able to do many of my normal everyday things afterwords and even had a Will made. I took off work and my wife as well in order to take me there and pick me up. I went for surgery and got dressed, they took my blood pressure and a nurse started the IV and then the doctor Steven Adam Bleckner came in discussed the surgery and minutes later came back and asked me why I wrote I did not trust this hospital on the back of a form I had to fill out a couple weeks earlier. I explained to him it was their pain management clinic I was referring to and not him but he just walked away and said he will not do the surgery and find another doctor and hospital. Now my hand is swollen up when they put the IV in and my wife & me took off a day from work for nothing and Care First Blue Choice said they will still pay the doctors and hospital even though they did not follow through of our verbal contract to preform the surgery. The fact is, no matter what I said is my opinion which is a Freedom of Speech right which I could have told 1000 people already but the fact is I was their and ready and willing to have the surgery but Steven Adam Bleckner walked out and I had to leave. I will not use Alam, or Bleckner again or anyone at ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES IN SILVER SPRING EVER. I did have some concerns with Bleckner a few days prior after reading things online about him and emailed Alam. This is what Alam wrote back exactly. which if you sort of read between the lines, of course Dr Alam is not going to put his associate down, but he did comment on a doctor I found who was a specialist on this surgery, and Dr Alam sent this the day before surgery suggesting I get a second opinion, furthermore stating he has herd of this other Doctor Shaffer I mentioned and what he herd was very impressive. No where did he say Bleckner was impressive nor did he say Bleckner is just as good as Dr Shaffer. Based on this if I had time to change doctors and Dr Shaffer took my insurance, which he did not, I would have gone to him. It is a lot clearer now what Dr Alam was trying to say, Bleckner is a incompetent, unprofessional and I would be better off going to Dr Shaffer. Below is Alams email.

[ I have read your emails. I appreciate your concerns.

Personally, I would let Dr. Bleckner operate on me or my family. I know of Dr. Shaffer and his work, which is also very impressive. It sounds like you should consider a second opinion with Dr. Shaffer before you proceed with surgery. I feel part of a successful procedure and recovery is to have all your concerns addressed and/or resolved before undergoing any procedure.]

First of all, Alam just moved to this practice with Bleckner in the last two months, so he doesn't know him anymore than Shaffer, or at least he never indicated this. But he did say a second opinion with Shaffer before surgery he said I should consider and he herd about Shaffer and it was very impressive. He did not say Bleckner was impressive or just as good. Also Dr Alam did not just say to get a second opinion, he said get one with Dr Shaffer. I would not accept a referral from Alam or see Bleckner if he was the last surgeon on earth. To have a doctor walk out of surgery for something I wrote weeks before (which was all true) and the hospital administrator came as well asking about what I wrote. If they were that concerned, why didn't they say something when I wrote it weeks before so I would not waste my time or theirs. The woman I gave it to asked me about it and if she thought there was a problem, should have said something then or given it to the hospital administrator than as well as send it to Bleckner ASAP, which they should do anyway. I suggest Bleckner read forms a week before surgery which he is supposed to do anyway and if something trivial that does not concern him would make him walk out of surgery. If he is so ignorant to understand this had nothing to do with him, he should find another line of work or go back and get Board Certified Again and get certified in doing shoulders, which my issue was. I have never asked an associate of a doctor before about his co worked, but After speaking to Steven Adam Bleckner I had a bad feeling. I guess gut feelings make sense. DOB 12/69

I didn't like: Never go to steven adam bleckner.

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I agree with the individual that stated that you are a loose cannon.You were hoping to cash in on something and this surgeon did not want any parts of it.

You clearly have psychiatric issues and should have had psych clearance prior to the surgery as well.I am also sensing some sort of doctor shopping for pain pills?

to Anonymous #1027148

If I had any issues with having the surgery which concerned my health, there would be no way I would have let him do the surgery.What would I cash I on.

Bleckner was not spooked he only said he was friends with the other doctor that ran their pain clinic, so he just did not like me saying something bad about his friend. Everything was find at first. Bleckner came in after I was prepped and explained to my wife and myself what he was going to do and what to expect and he left. About 10 min later is when he learned of what I wrote and came back and asked me if I still wanted to have the surgery.

He was giving me the choice, and I told him that the statement had nothing to do with him and that I would not have been there if I did not want to go head with the surgery. He just said he wasn't doing it and walked out. Basically he was just being a ***. This new anonymous person who made this comment has no clue and neither do you.

I could have made many statements online Bleckner would not even seen about the pain clinic, so maybe he should check all forums before he does any surgeries. As for the comment about shopping for pain pills, again I have no clue what you are talking about. The doctors will give me all the pain pills I want but I don't ask for them. This as I said had nothing to do with a law suit or me being nuts, it was Bleckner not wanting to go against his friend just like police, doctors, and lawyers stick together and lie for each other, that is all Bleckner did.

This is not a trial so you do not know all the facts. The odd part is my regular doctor Alam just moved in with this *** Bleckner and I had a good relation with Alam. He did a couple surgeries on me and my wife and no problems and he does do shoulders, but for some reason, he told me to let Bleckner do it. I had no problem finding another doctor and he did the surgery.

The only one Nuts here is people taking Bleckners side since you do not know all the facts, so in my opinion these comments are probably made by Bleckner or a friend of his which is why they are anonymous.They are the ones hiding, not me.

to junkmaneast #1027642

You said your original doctor was a colleague of Bleckner, so he had an obligation to that doctor.He also had a contract with you as well which he broke.

You stated the problem was that Holy Cross lies and does not follow insurance guidelines in their pain clinic. Putting it on the registration paper may not have been the best place to write it, but it clearly had nothing to do with you trusting Bleckner and just because he was friends with the other doctor should not have any bearing on your surgery. You said the hospital and doctor had this paper for about two weeks prior, so if it wasn't an issue when you wrote it, it should not have been that day. You also stated Bleckner asked you if you wanted the surgery still after he read that and you telling him it had nothing to do with him and if you did not, you would not be there.

That is just plain common sense or you would not have gone through the pr opt and both your wife and you taken off work etc. The doctor is probably there all day and its not big deal, but for the patient, they have a lot to do and prepare for before surgery. It seemed like what you originally wrote was very detailed and you admitted to what both of you said, good or bad, so my only conclusion is the same as yours. I would not want to deal with a doctor like that.

He asked you if you still want the surgery but still walked out.

He must have some real psychiatric issues and maybe should find another line of work or seek help.I might even consider filing suit against him for breach of contract and pain and suffering.

Seattle, Washington, United States #958520

I work in orthopaedic surgery(not a surgeon).The reason the doctor refused to perform your surgery after reading your rant on the back of the preop form was he believed you were nuts....plain and simple.

You were then viewed as a huge liability. Your concerns with the pain management clinic should have been addressed to them directly or the hospital billing department, not on your preop forms. This prior situation had nothing to do with your orthopaedist. Why you would chose to be treated at a hospital that "lies" is beyond me.

Your doctor wishes to avoid excess liability whenever possible in this high-risk environment so he decided not to operate on you.

You demonstrated poor judgment in voicing your concerns in an inappropriate setting/way which spooked your doctor into thinking you are a loose canon.Unfortunate situation but this one is on you.

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #958535

The hospital had this paper in their possession for 13 days prior to the surgery.They saw it when i wrote it and if they thought is was that much of a concern, they should have told the doctor asap.

Actually they should have sent it to him anyway. When Bleckner cam back with some woman from the hospital, she asked me if I wanted the surgery, which I said yes, why else would I be there. Bleckner asked what this was about and I told him it had nothing to do with him and it was my bad experience with the pain clinic their and not following my insurance guidelines. This was not a billing issue, it was an insurance issue and that they refused to follow their contract with CareFirst.

Whether I write a review on the web or on the bathroom wall, it is a review. Even the doctor in the pain clinic agreed with me but he had no say what they did because he was contracted by them. I have every right to voice an opinion but as I told Bleckner, it had nothing to do with him. For his to walk out after I was prepped for surgery was unprofessional especially after I explained the facts.

This was an insurance issue and not a malpractice issue. He had to be a *** to do what he did. Specially since I had been a patient of a doctor in his office for 10 years and never had any issues until my doctor told me to have him do the surgery.

If my doctor saw what I wrote, he would not have thought anything of it.If an insurance issue spooked Bleckner, he should not have a license to practice medicine.


This review is subject to legal action as you have named a person without their permission and defamation of character.

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #890795

The only person who could have said this is Steven Adam Bleckner, which is why they show Anonymous and I encourage him to take me to court.I only listed three names, so if you are saying I did not have permission to list their names, it would have to be one of the three doctors I named and I did not say anything derogatory about Dr Shaffer because I said I would have gone to him if he accepted my insurance.

If you do not include all relevant information in the complaint which has to include names, than the complaint has no merit. This same review will be put on every possible place on the web for people to see. For a surgeon to walk out just before surgery is as unprofessional and unethical as one could be. He asked what it was about and I told him it had nothing to do with him, but he still walked out.

If I do not mention a name, what good is a complaint. This is my opinion and it is true. Defamation would be false statements not true statements. This is what a review is and this is protected by Freedom of Speech.

Lets see what the State Medical Board is going to say once I send that.

Bleckner has wasted a lot of my time and money, breached our contract to do the surgery, and extended my pain among other things.If Bleckner has something to say to me, he has my number.

to Anonymous Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #890878

If your an attorney, please give me your name, if you are not an attorney, you are giving legal advice with out a license.If this was Bleckner, maybe you need to ask your patient's if they don't like, doctors, you, your wife Lisa, the hospital, lawyers, cats, dogs or ever had any problems with anyone or a company before you agree to do surgery.

Do you like all your neighbors on Maple Avenue in Chevy Chase or do they all like you? Everyone has a right to an opinion, but what you did was 100% unprofessional.

In Montgomery county one cannot picket someone's home, but one can picket ones business or put a sign on their car and park it in front of their office, which is coming soon.If Alam is smart, he will never recommend you again now that he knows how you behaved.

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